Cuts on Colfax – new album available on iTunes and Spotify!

May 8, 2015

Our new EP, “Cuts on Colfax” tracked live at Macy Sound Studios on Colfax in Denver, is now available on iTunes and Spotify! We had a blast recording this album live and there are 4 video’s from the session on our Live In-Studio Vidoe Playlists page. The EP is available here on iTunes or here on Spotify.   Here’s a bit of the story on the album…

“In October of 2014, Colfax Arts District in downtown Denver asked to use my image for their new city art campaign, little did I know it would eventually be used extensively up and down both sides of Colfax, appear in the Capital Hill newspaper and online in Denver media and social websites. Later, at a show at the Park House, Ed Skibbe, listed me as “The King of Colfax,” It prompted me to write a song about it for fun and cut it on Colfax, which we (Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts) did. This one is 100% live at Macy Sound Studios on Colfax, where it all started.” -RC