Fan Favorite Americana/Country Song of the Year 2021!

Jan 4, 2022

The song Choosing You, from my 2021 solo album Hearts Deluge (https://li.sten.to/heartsdeluge) just won “Fan Favorite Americana/Country Song of the Year 2021” on Colorado Playlist! ..which is truly the best in CO music, the show airs on FM stations all over the state and online over the world. https://coloradoplaylist.com/cp-listener-poll-top-40-2021/ Thank you SO MUCH for everyone that took the time to vote I am grateful and I will kiss you all!!! I released this album without much of a game plan because the Rough Cuts are so busy I wasn’t sure what to do it, but I think about what it means to me, the personal songs on there that I wanted to get out, and really I think about the friends and times we put into actually playing and recording the music. …thinking about those long hours in Tim’s studio and at Josh’s house fill me with great joy as we worked hard at being creative and had a great time doing it and I’m so lucky I was able to do it with not just anyone, but my dearest friends. Michael Jochum, Jake Clayton, Dino Villanueva, Tim Carter, Seth Larson and Joshua J Larson. I love you SOB’s!! Man we had some laughs cutting these tracks! Thank you also, so much, to folks like Chris Kresge, Eddie White, Steve Tidbury, Jimi Palacios and so many more that pay attention to independent music and actually SPIN independent music! …most of all though, again, thank you to those that took the time to listen and to vote. Get in here!! 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 – Ryan