CCMHOF “Entertainer of the Year, 2018”

Aug 21, 2018

Yesterday we won the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame’s “Entertainer of the year, 2018.” I accepted this award with great pride on behalf of my band-mates, the Rough Cuts, Michael, Susan, Jack and Lauren. I am so very, very grateful to receive this recognition for the time and work we put into what we do, that which is our passion. We spend a lot of time away from home and it creates a mountain of challenges to overcome. I want to thank Kristy, Lisa, Karen, Shannon and Carlos too for understanding and supporting our plight. The Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame is founded and run by Colorado legends. These are players that have been performing weekly since before I was born and long before the internet or social media was around to document their performances and journeys. Folks like Rudy Grant, Jim Hyatt, Bob Biggins, Lee Sims, John Macy, Chuck Lettes, Karen Osburn, Peggy Malone, Jeffrey David Golden, the list is long, and many of these players are hardly known since younger generations occupy 90% of today’s media in the scene. A lot of these players have toured and played with national legends like Johnny Cash, Willie, Charley Pride, Gram Parsons, Waylon, the list goes on. …just talking to Albert Cargill last night he told me the story of a particular 30 day European tour he did playing for Johnny Cash. There are so many stories from these great players, too many to count. I give my respect to these players and I thank them again for their kind words and humbling acknowledgment of me and the Rough Cuts, it’s an honor and a true pleasure. Moving forward we will be on tour all fall, dates are being added to our tour page www.roughcutsband.com/tour ,we’ll be adding more dates and filling in the holes in the upcoming weeks. What I want to do, what I really want to happen, is to take this band to a national level. We have been going as hard as we possibly can in the North and West regions, I believe in the band and there are others that believe in it too, but we need help, your help, to get to the next level. I am working to create awareness in other markets and to spread the word that promoters, agents, labels and fans in music industry should check us out and book us or see a show. I hope to get to a level where we don’t have to work part time jobs when we’re home, I hope to find a booking agency that will take us in, I so badly want to tour in support of a national artist. If anyone reading this has any idea on opportunities please let me know. The next step at this moment where I respectfully ask for your assistance is for a nomination into the national Ameripolitan Music Awards. We’d be grateful. We were nominated last year (did not win) and it was an honor to be nominated and it would be an honor to be nominated again. I’m asking if you’d please go to the form on this page below and fill it out and submit it. This is just a vote for us to be a nominee in the awards, if we actually make the nominations, then the voting for the actual award would take place. You’ll have to fill out all the fields to submit the form, please enter any of your favorites, or if you’re uncertain I’ve listed some suggestions below. Thank you all so much for your kind words and for your support, I hope to return the favor some day and to represent, with respect, the music scene of this great town and state. -Ryan
Ameripolitan awards suggestions:
go this page to vote: https://www.ameripolitan.com/
Honky Tonk: Casey James Prestwood or Leslie Tom
Rockabilly Male: Jonny Barber or Adam Lopez
Western Swing: Casey James Prestwood or Leslie Tom
Outlaw: Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts
Venue: Little Bear Saloon
Festival: Tumbleweed
Musician: John Macy
DJ: Eddie White