Ameripolitan Music Awards nominations

Sep 7, 2017

To our friends near and far, the Ameripolitan Awards are accepting nominations! The Ameripolitan Music Awards is something that is very important to those of us who work hard and steady and who don’t quite fit in today’s country genres. The awards recognize and celebrate the roots based artists that we love who are out there slugging it out in the clubs and on the road. It would mean SO MUCH if you could please simply just copy the list below and paste it in an email it to: nominations@ameripolitan.com
That’s it and that’s all. THANK YOU!!

2018 Ameripolitan Nominations:
Honky Tonk Female: Leslie Tom
Ameripolitan Musician: John Macy
Western Swing Female: Katie Glassman
Ameripolitan Venue: American Legion Post 82
Honky Tonk Group: The Cowpokes
Rockabilly Male: Adam Lopez
Rockabilly Female: Kerry Pastine
Outlaw Male: Ryan Chrys
Outlaw Group: Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
Honky Tonk Male: Casey Prestwood
Ameripolitan DJ – Eddie White